As the curtain opens on 2023, employers are looking ahead to the recruiting trends that will shape their hiring strategies. This year, Forbes predicts that employers will be focused on offering talent mobility, bolstering employee retention, and ramping up hiring in anticipation of a shifting market.

Full Spectrum Search Group is poised to meet that changing hiring landscape head-on.

CEO Maxwell McNamara has his sights set on continuing to build out the three distinct practices that his firm serves: Senior Living, Skilled Nursing, and Home Health and Hospice. Each practice is led by an individual industry expert, and each is set to expand its footprint across the country in the coming months.

“Over the past few years, the firm has grown over 240 percent — straight through one of the most impactful situations to our business: Covid-19,” McNamara said. “We’d love to continue this growth by finding the right people, both for our team and providing the right talent for our clients’ organizations.”

How the Recruiting Industry Is Changing in 2023

“The recruiting industry is changing,” McNamara said. “Looking into 2023 and beyond, there’s a heavy emphasis on technology in the recruiting space.”

McNamara has observed an influx of money being invested in recruiting technology. Indeed, the recruiting landscape has seen a spike in technology like predictive index testing and anti-bias hiring tools. McNamara notes that as the labor pool has become tighter and more focused, organizations are relying on expert recruiters to fill their most pressing needs.

“One of our top considerations this year is exploring how we can have technology that accelerates our business and makes us better at our jobs and faster at our jobs, and allows us to serve our clients even more effectively,” he said.

Embracing Discomfort Leads to Industry Growth

Six years after its launch as a niche executive recruiting firm, Full Spectrum Search group continues to refine its proven recruiting practices.

McNamara emphasized that Full Spectrum’s improvements are built upon perpetual reflection and self-improvement. Full Spectrum’s leadership employs strategies like KPI-tracking and quarterly goal-setting to foster tangible growth.

“One of the philosophies I live and lead by is never staying comfortable,” he said. “Once you are comfortable, you become complacent, and you fall behind.”

As McNamara sees it, the drive for constant improvement blooms upward, starting with self-improvement and professional development and leading to meaningful industry impact.

“Improving the recruiting industry calls for those who are masters of their craft,” McNamara added. “By consistently living in a state of uncomfortability, the Full Spectrum team continues to better itself and experience growth year over year.”

The root of McNamara’s hunger for improvement lies in Full Spectrum’s client-focused mindset.

“We are so blessed to be doing what we love — with the people we love and in the industries, we love to serve,” McNamara said.

Partners in Success

As McNamara highlighted, Full Spectrum Search Group is walking into 2023 with a growth mindset — and it isn’t tackling the new year alone.

“Full Spectrum is honored to be the first acquisition for Starfish Partners,” McNamara said.

Self-described as an “expanding ecosystem and investment platform for recruiting firms,” Starfish Partners is an enterprise organization and private equity line that has several child companies beneath its umbrella — “One of which is the largest international training platform, back office, and hiring support for the executive search business,” McNamara added.

Starfish injects capital into growing search firms and helps shape an actionable blueprint for scaling.

“This partnership has contributed to our 240 percent growth over the past few years,” McNamara said, “We’re excited to continue to work with Jeff Kaye, Karen Schmidt, Nick Turner, and their teams to continue growing and creating impact for our clients and candidates alike.”

From Home Health and Hospice industry trends to women in Senior Living leadership and beyond, Full Spectrum Search Group is in constant conversation with the industries it serves. To read more insights from Full Spectrum’s recruiting experts, visit our blog.

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