The Rising Demand for Specialized Skills in Skilled Nursing Can’t Be Ignored

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are undergoing significant transformations to meet the increasing complexity of care required by today's aging population. As these demands evolve, SNFs are facing a pressing need to enhance their workforce with professionals equipped with specialized skills. This need is particularly acute in critical areas such as wound care, infection control, and chronic disease management.

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The Caregiver-First Culture: Reshaping Home Care from the Inside Out

In recent years, the home care industry has been undergoing a significant transformation. A trend has been quietly gaining momentum, one that may very well redefine the future of care. Top-tier home health and hospice caregiver companies are increasingly pivoting their focus from prioritizing customers to putting caregivers at the forefront. This shift is ...

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Home Health Care’s Leap into Mental Health Support

In the comfort of one's own home, aging takes a familiar and gentle pace, allowing seniors to cherish their golden years surrounded by memories and the solace of familiarity. This preference for aging in place, deeply rooted in the desire for independence and comfort, is now intersecting with a critical and growing need: comprehensive mental health care.

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Addressing the Needs of High-Acuity Patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities

As the baby boomer generation ages, the impact on healthcare is profound, with a significant increase in the population requiring skilled nursing care. Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) are encountering a surge in residents with high-acuity and medically complex conditions, necessitating specialized care and a shift in traditional care models to meet these evolving needs.

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COVID’s Lasting Impact on the Hospice Market

The hospice market, like many other healthcare sectors, has faced significant disruptions that have persisted since the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes have affected patient visits, operational routines, and the overall approach to end-of-life care.

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The Occupancy Upswing in Senior Living and Home Health

The senior living industry is witnessing occupancy levels on a rebound. A recent survey underscores this optimism, revealing that 79% of stakeholders anticipate a surge in memory care occupancy through 2024. This positive outlook extends across the spectrum of senior living facilities, although with varied intensity—Assisted Living, Active Adult, and Independent Living sectors.

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The Home Care Market Continues to Expand

The home care industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, fueled by an aging population, the increased prevalence of chronic diseases, and a consumer preference for receiving care in the comfort of their own homes over institutional settings. This trend is not limited to elder care; over the next 2-3 years, we expect a diversification of demographics seeking home care services, particularly among individuals with chronic conditions.

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Remote and Hybrid Roles in Home Health and Hospice

The healthcare industry, particularly in the realms of home health care and hospice, is undergoing a significant transformation. Remote roles have surged in popularity among job seekers, highlighting a pivotal change in how care services are delivered and coordinated.

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Post-Acute Care is Experiencing a Labor Shortage

The labor shortage in the post-acute care sector is a pressing issue. By understanding the root causes and implementing strategic solutions, including the effective use of specialized recruiters, the industry can begin to mitigate these challenges.

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Innovating Behavioral Health in Senior Living

The integration of behavioral health care into skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) is an increasingly vital aspect of modern senior living. This article explores the challenges and opportunities this presents, the impact on patient care, and strategies for effectively incorporating these services.

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